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Tale of Jonah - New Empire
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Check out this awesome New Empire fan art!

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Tale of Jonah & Fallen Soldiers available for streaming NOW

You did it! Tale of Jonah has been unlocked on Ryan Seacrest’s blog and is now available for streaming. Check it out here!

And because one is never enough, OK Magazine is streaming another New Empire track, Fallen Soldiers, which can be found here

Take a listen, share, and enjoy! 

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Anonymous asked: Are you from Australia? Would you be able to help ship 'In A Breath' and 'Symmetry' albums? I'm from S.E. Asia, btw. :)

Hi there! We are from Australia, however we are unable to assist with any national or international shipping unfortunately. The best thing for you to do is message the band about this on their Facebook page, which can be found here

We are about to launch our new competition over the next couple of days, and we can tell you that the prize will include a signed copy of In A Breath. So, if you enter that you may win a copy. We’re opening it globally :) 

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Jeremy talks about the In A Breath album release

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TUMBLE TO UNLOCK: Listen toNew Empire’s “Tale of Jonah”

Once this post earns 100 New Followers & Tumbles the song will unlock!

Until then enjoy… 

"7 Things You Didn’t Know About New Empire"

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The band checks in approximately 19 bags every time they board a plane.

Kyle is a highly skilled barista when he’s not on the guitar.

Jeremy learned to play the piano before any other instrument at age 6.

Jeremy has an audio production degree and when not touring or recording, he spends some of his time helping other artists produce great music.

In 2012, the band drove 10 000 miles across the United States of America in an RV.

Nate is a very talented graphic designer and video director.

Kale has an education degree, and while not touring, sometimes teaches the next generation how to read and write.

Check this out! Some of our GIFs have been featured on Ryan Seacrest’s blog! Please reblog/follow to help unlock Tale of Jonah so that people everywhere can listen to it :)

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"In A Breath" Lyrics

We’ve just put up the lyrics to all tracks featured on New Empire’s third album, In A Breath. The lyrics were taken from the official lyric book and therefore there may be some minor variations. 

You can check them out here

We’re also working on making the blog a little more user friendly, so we apologise for any temporary inconvenience this may cause.

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter!

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Stay tuned.

We’re currently working on another competition to celebrate both our third birthday and the release of New Empire’s third album, In A Breath.

Keep checking back for more details! 

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New Empire after performing at Mainstage @ Easterfest 2014.

Photo by Josh Woning

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It’s our 3rd birthday!

Three years ago, on this very day, we opened fyeahnewempire for business. Our first official post followed only a day later.  

Since then, we’ve not only gained an extensive readership, but also a family. (Awwww). 

Over 1600 posts later, here we are.

It sounds cliché, but we honestly couldn’t have kept this going if it weren’t for your support. Every follower, every note, every submission, every competition entry, every message, every reader just means so much. These little things tell us that what we have worked so hard on has been worth every second. We love you for that. 

Please let us know if there is ever anything we can do to improve the blog for you, we owe it to you all. 

Three years. Thank you.

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We’re hitting the road.

Today, we are heading out to the beautiful city of Toowoomba to experience Easterfest yet again. 

For those of you who don’t already know, New Empire are headlining this year’s festival, along with some other amazing artists. 

We’ll do our best to keep you updated on the weekend, and will hopefully be able to share some footage and photos with you, as we try to do every year. 

Remember, tomorrow is the Australian/New Zealand release date for In A Breath, so be sure to pick up your copy from JB HI-FI and iTunes :)  

We’d like to wish you a safe and happy Easter, and we hope to see some of you over the weekend! 

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